An integrated approach to infrastructure development

We offer solutions across all phases of the infrastructure development value chain from infrastructure planning and project preparation, across a range of financing and non-financing investments, to infrastructure implementation and delivery.


We provide long term pre-financing support and services to under-resourced municipalities, including infrastructure planning and project implementation support.


The DBSA performs strategic, end-to-end project development and preparation with the purpose to de-risk projects, and deliver project concepts to bankability.


We provide a range of financing solutions that drive development impact through investing in results-based infrastructure projects.


We leverage skills and capabilities to accelerate project management and implementation in key priority sectors.


We support the maintenance and improvement of social and economic infrastructure projects.

Sectors we work in

The DBSA focuses on developing and financing infrastructure projects that are a catalyst for economic growth. The Bank’s specific areas are economic sectors comprising energy, ICT, transport and water as well as the social sectors of health and education.



As part of our drive to create an inclusive and integrated rural economy, we want to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. This includes renewable energy, as well as coal and gas-fired power sources in the country.


We deliver a positive contribution to digital transformation. We guide businesses in modernising their infrastructure, supporting innovation in a digital era.


The DBSA invests in public transport networks to ensure safe, efficient and green transport systems for our communities. This also stimulates economic growth and job creation.


The DBSA supports the basic human right to have access to clean, safe water. Therefore, we ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation to the public.


We support the South African government in financing and accelerating the implementation of infrastructure programmes in the social sectors of education, health and housing, as well as various municipal infrastructure programmes.


Municipalities and local-government structures are the DBSA’s core business and a sector in which the Bank has extensive expertise. Our focus in this sector is supporting the development and maintenance of basic household infrastructures, such as water, sanitation, electricity and housing, as well as community services and enabling infrastructure that promotes economic growth and sustainability. The DBSA provides financial and non-financial products to medium and under-resourced municipalities.

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